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Contact Us

Tropical Seashells NZ is located in Albany, Auckland. We welcome enquiries for both small and large orders for home-based craft-work, wedding decorations and commercial distribution.

Please contact us by either:
  • Completing the Enquiry Form below
  • Phoning us (or faxing) on 09 448 27 25
  • Emailing us at:
Delivery Charges
  • Postage and/or courier charges can ONLY be calculated once your order-size has been established
  • For orders outside of Auckland, delivery charges will be slightly higher depending on location
  • Overseas orders will incur international postage rates

Details of Payment

  1. Please contact us with the reference number and quantity of shells you would like to order
  2. You will receive an invoice that will include delivery charges and payment details
  3. Payment must be received into our bank account before the order can be sent
  4. Your order will be dispatched immediately upon confirmation of payment

Packaging and Handling - Tropical shells are extremely fragile and require an exceptionally high level of care when being readied for shipment. At Tropical Shells NZ we go to great lengths to ensure that your order is safely and securely packed prior to dispatch

Fantastic Savings! - Go into ANY retail outlet that sells tropical shells and you'll see that their retail prices are often 'hundreds of percent' above ours! Shells that you can buy right here and now from Tropical Seashells NZ for as little as $3.00, are regularly priced at $24.00 or higher in the retail environment! Even when you factor in the G.S.T and postage charges, you're better off to order from us.

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Shell Prices and Sizes

Over 100 beautiful tropical shells to choose from!

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