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Textile and Marble Cone Shells

These beautifully patterned Cone Shells are capable of killing a human in less than 30 minutes!

Special shell - Cone ShellInstead of teeth these snails use a venomous harpoon for hunting food which is hollow and barbed. 

Cone shells feed on sea worms, fish and even other Cone shells.  Because they are slow moving they use their harpoons to capture a faster moving prey.  The harpoons have to be strong enough to penetrate the scales of fish, so they can also penetrate gloves.  Handling the live snail can have tragic consequences.

The Geographic Cone shell is so poisonous that it has been called the cigarette snail in the belief that the victim has only enough time left to smoke a cigarette.

The poison of the Magician Cone shell seems to be a non-addictive pain reliever one thousand times more effective than morphine.

There are over 500 different species of Cone shells, many of which you can find in our new catalogue.

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Home & Craft - Bathroom, Dinning, BBQ, Craft

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