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Tropical Seashells Catalogue


Buy top quality pearlised Tropical Shells up to 70% (or more) below their normal retail price!

When you buy tropical seashells from us, you can be 100% assured that every single imported tropical seashell you receive is of the highest possible quality. Intricate patterns, pearlisation and colours are all fully preserved and presented in their natural state.  And most importantly, all seashells sourced through Tropical Seashells are from highly reputable sources; they're totally sustainable and are not on the C.I.T.E.S list of endangered species.Shell Catalogue

Endangered Species Update:

Unfortunately, we're unable to supply the famous Pink Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) due to its listing by C.I.T.E.S. as an endangered species. However, we're delighted to be able to offer you a number of other Conches - including some that can be crafted into musical instruments such as horns.

If the scientific names of seashells are important to you - and they should be -  you'll find a complete list below of the larger shells we offer. Along with each Latin name you'll find the Catalogue Reference Number.

Please note that although small shells for craftwork are also available, they may not be featured in the Catalogue.

Our Catalogue lists the following shell species (Latin Names Of Shells):

20 Angaria delphinus 2 Melo aethiopica
65 Astropecten polyacanthus 3 Melo melo
4 Blanus 23 Mitra mitra
24 Bursa bubo 35 Murex endivia
28 Cassis cornuta 36 Murex erythcostomus
47 Cellana testudinaria 38 Murex haustellum
67 Codakia trigrina 34 Murex nigrispinosus
6 Conus betulinus 39 Murex pecten
7 Conus figulinus 37 Murex ramosus
8 Conus leopardus 40 Nautilus pompilius
9 Conus litteratus 13 Ovula ovum
10 Conus marmoreus 52 Pecten nobilis
11 Conus striatus 53 Pecten pallium
12 Conus textile 80 Periglupta puerpera
43 Cristaria biolata 44 Pinctada margaritifera
5 Cymatium lotorium 54 Plagiocardium pseudolima
14 Cypraea argus 29
Pleuroploca trapezium
16 Cypraea mappa 66 Stellaria solaris
15 Cypraea mauritiana 81 Strombus latissimus
19 Cypraea testudinaria 32 Strombus sinuatus
17 Cypraea tigris 22 Trachycardium enode
50 Diodon hystrix 25 Tectus pyramis
77 Euplectella 33 Terebra maculata
21 Fusinus colus 55 Tibia fusus
63 Fusinus undatus 70 Tonna dolium
82 Guildfordia yoka 68 Tonna olerium
48 Haliotis iris 69 Tonna perdix
56 Haliotis ovina 71 Tonna sulcosa
27 Harpa major 51 Trochus conus
64 Heterocentrotus mamilliatus 30 Turbo imperialis
77 Hyalospongiae 74 Turbo petholatus
58 Lambis chiagra 72 Turbo sparvarius
60 Lambis crocata 54 Turritella terebra
57 Lambis lambis 78 Voluta imperialis
59 Lambis millipeda 79 Voluta nobilis
61 Lambis scorpio    
62 Lambis truncata    

Featured Shell

The Chambered Nautilus - Featured Tropical Shell

The Chambered Nautilus - Featured Tropical Shell

The Chambered Nautilus. The Golden Ratio of Fibonacci is seen in the Nautilus. The Nautilus has large but primitive eyes and about 90 tentacles but no suckers.... More»»

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