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About us

We have been involved with Tropical Shells for the last 25 years – it started as a collecting hobby, and has now become a retirement business.

Our Tropical Shells are sourced mainly from the Indo Pacific area with a few coming from other areas to ensure that we have as wide a range as possible.

A great deal of knowledge has been assimilated during this time and our business in run very carefully ensuring that no endangered shells are involved. We are carefully inspected by DOC and MAF on each consignment. All the shells that we offer are sustainable.

We try very hard to be the best and only deal with very reputable dealers and expect only good specimens of Tropical shells to be sent to us, thus ensuring that our customers receive good quality and beautiful shells.

We stock a very large range of different shells, from the large to the smaller shells for craftspeople. If a very serious inquiry is made and we do not stock the shell – we will do our best to source and supply that shell.

 Beryl and Norman Potter




Featured Shells

The Chambered Nautilus - Featured Tropical Shell

The Chambered Nautilus - Featured Tropical Shell

The Chambered Nautilus. The Golden Ratio of Fibonacci is seen in the Nautilus. The Nautilus has large but primitive eyes and about 90 tentacles but no suckers.... More»»

Shell Catalogue - Prices and Sizes

Over 100 beautiful tropical shells to choose from!

Download our tropical seashells price catalogue and order shells today... More»»

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