Our Competitors laughed when we said we had some of the highest quality, lowest priced tropical seashells for sale on Earth -- but then they read our catalogue! 

Talk about "gob-smacked!" Like anyone who's downloaded our seashells catalogue, they just couldn't understand how we could stay in business when we're virtually giving our shells away!

It's simple, really. For Norman and I (Beryl), it's not about the money. It's not about being the biggest and the best. Or the most successful. It's about being in our eighties and still being able to 'live the dream' we've shared together for more than quarter of a century - the joy and exhilaration of being able to source and collect the most beautiful, most exotic, and most sought-after tropical seashells on Earth.

That's why we're able to offer you these extraordinarily beautiful shells for up to 70% or more below what you'd normally pay for them in a retail outlet!

It's been our hobby, our passion and our life for nearly three decades. And we want to share it with you.

That's why we've put together such a comprehensive new catalogue, complete with dozens of mouth-watering photos of the tropical shells Norman and I love most. As always, the prices are extremely competitive. Plus, we've included the actual seashell specifications as accurately as possible.

So, before you do anything else, scroll down to the Big Blue download button below and grab yourself a copy of our updated 2012 Catalogue - it's absolutely jam-packed with gorgeous tropical shells - and you'll certainly never have the opportunity to buy them cheaper!

Quality is everything when it comes to tropical shells

First, a small word of advice: Whenever you're looking for tropical seashells to buy - either online, from a retailer or direct from an importer - never base your buying decision on price alone.

Whether you need shells for craftwork, nautical-themed corporate functions, wedding decorations, florist and table presentations, seashell collections, jewelry, gift ideas, exhibitions, displays, or even just to add a touch of beach decor to your home... don't ever compromise on quality! 

Norman doesn't. I don't. You shouldn't, either.

Guaranteed source of supply

It'd be fair to say that at Tropical Seashells, we go to the ends of the earth - literally - to find seashells and other marine products that have no equal here in New Zealand. 

That's why, when you buy seashells through us, you know you're dealing with a couple of true devotees who just happen to offer one of the widest ranges of affordable, yet highly sought-after imported tropical shells available online - all of exceptionally high quality - and all sourced from reputable, sustainable resources within the Indo Pacific region.

Looking for uniquely patterned, ornately pearlised, naturally coloured tropical shells? Download a copy of our 2012 Tropical Seashells Catalogue by simply clicking on the Big Blue button below:

All Shells Up To 70% Or More Below Retail Prices!

       Tropical Seashells Catalogue 2011.gif


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Over 100 beautiful tropical shells to choose from!

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